The mini bus is a great option if you're looking to transport a small group of people. Typically, a mini bus can seat from 8 to 30 passengers. If a minivan is not enough for your needs in terms of seating capacity, then the mini bus is the next option. Most mini buses have their engines in front of the driver. For easier access to the vehicle, some mini buses are designed to have low floors. This significantly helps in the stability and safety of the vehicle.

Mazda's Bongo is a great solution to your people transporting problems. It features plenty of cargo space and a sliding rear door for easy access, loading and unloading. The Bongo receives either a 1.8L gasoline engine that produces 90 hp, or a 2.2L diesel unit that makes up to 79 hp.

Toyota's minibus offering is the Hiace Commuter known for its versatility and Toyota's renowned indestructible engine. The 2018 14-seater Hiace Commuter receives a 3.0L DT4 four-cylinder diesel engine capable of 134 hp and a fuel efficiency of 12.5 km/l.

From Hyundai is the Grace based off of the L300 Mitsubishi Delica. The Grace comes with a 2.5L inline four-cylinder 80 hp diesel engine mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.
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